Name Requests

In honor of my son Dash Alexander, my angel in heaven, I would like to provide other baby lost families with their child's name spelled out in alphabet blocks. There is something so wonderfully childish and playful about these blocks that makes me smile whenever I see them. If you would like to request your angel babys name feel free to send me an email at:

Please include the following:
1.Your baby's name...If you are requesting twin, triplet etc names please let me know if you would like their names together, separate or both. I am happy to do names in honor of early miscarriages as well. I know my husband and I have always given our little ones a name from the day we discovered they were to be ours. Feel free to submit nicknames as well.
2. Date of birth and/or death
3. Any message you would like included in your personal angel baby name post
4. Your blog address if you would like that included

There are no words to express the deep pain and saddness of losing a baby but I hope that my project can bring you some sort of spiritual and emotional comfort in such a horrible time.

Much love,